River Hop 2017 was a great success!

Thanks everyone who made it happen!  Especially:  Maris Laporter, Jennie Williams, Molly Boren, Carlene Colvin-Garcia, Aine Kelly, Valerie and David Shinabarger, Nancy Stoll, and Tom Stulberg.   Not to forget the great volunteers at Common Cycle who fixed bikes and the fantastic musicians who played during the picnic.   AND Northside Grill, Sic Transit, Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition, and the City of Ann Arbor, who donated prizes.  Thanks a million, all of you!!!!

As I mentioned at the picnic, after 7 years of leading the River Hop, I’m stepping down.  It was a lot of fun, and as a newcomer to the River District neighborhood, I learned so much about the history, nature, and people that make up this very special place. 

But new commitments are taking up all my free time.  So… if you would like to see the River Hop continue, here are the tasks that have gone into making it happen:

          1.     Create a website
          2.     Recruit “offerings” (yard sales, garden walks, skillshares, etc.) and post on the website
          3.     Publicize, e.g. set out signs (pre-made, we just change the date)
          4.     Arrange for volunteer musicians for the picnic

If you can help out with any of these tasks next year, please step forward!  Especially needed is someone to take over the website.  It’s easy, but does take a bit of time.  Note that many of the people who have helped in the past are willing to help out again—you won’t be alone!  And new directions are welcomed—the River Hop can be whatever you want it to be.  Or, it can be a fond memory.  Anything works for me…  J  Barbara Lucas

Photos from the weekend's events
(keep scrolling down to see photos from years 2013-2016:

Sunset Pond Paddle
Bicycle History Tour
Bicycle repair with Common Cycle
Tai Chi led by Joel Robbins

Birds of the Huron

Pedal the Pond

A great weekend, overall!!!!

Photos from 2013 to 2016

For photos of River Hop 2013, go to this link.
For 2014, go to this link.
2016 photos are here.

Photos from River Hop 2015 are below:

Kayak Lesson

"Bee Aware" with Barb Scholtz

Walking History Tour with Tom Stulberg

Bicycle History Tour

Bob Harrington at his historic home

Stacie Printon leading "Native Plants of the Cascades"

More Native Plants with Nancy Stoll 

Fiber Artist Mary Underwood's Open Studio

River District Visioning Session

"Cool and Green" Bike Ideas

"Designing the Ecology of Your Yard"

Permaculturist Billy Kirst 
Music by the Switchbacks at Northside Community Center

Bird Hike let by Mary Mathias

Zydeco at the Beckley Park Picnic

The clouds left and the fun began.

Interactive Public Art created by Michael Flynn


The Understoreys

Great music provided by four different bands!

Great food!

A last bit of fun as the sun sets on River Hop 2015